Thursday, October 29, 2009

Austin Film Festival

Pics from our weekend in Austin. Tim and I had a great time at the Apollo 13 Screening. It was a great panel discussion after the movie. Ron Howard and Jim Lovell stole the show!

We got stopped on the way in and Michael Barnes from the Austin American Statesman took our picture, then noticed Tim's badge said NASA, then after a brief convo whipped out a tape recorder and started interviewing him! Here's a link to the blog post of the event and our photo. (Yep, TOM and Jamie Hinson had a great weekend)

We got to hang out with some good friends after the screening, and while we were grabbing a bite in the Stephen F walks Woody Harrelson. He was there to promote his new film "The Messenger". Here's a really bad picture--he's in the center in the background with the tan coat!Thanks to Kelly Williams for hooking us up with fantastic passes! I would love to go back every year. It was a blast!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ballunar Festival at NASA

We took the kids out to NASA to see all the hot air balloons Friday night. They enjoyed watching them get filled up and then "glowing". I forgot my camera, so these are all taken with my phone. Sorry if they're not super great quality!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Painting Pumpkins

They kids really love to paint. So, after having our patients at work paint pumpkins and seeing how they enjoyed it, I decided to get Ethan and Chelsea some to paint at home. They had a great time going out to the farmer's market and picking out their pumpkins, then bringing them home to decorate.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The kids chillin after school one day

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lake LBJ Trip-Day 4

The river in front of our house is shallow enough to walk across to the sand bar. Perfect for all the kiddos to swim. I'm standing in the middle of the river taking this pic!

We ate at Storm's Burgers that night. It was yumm-o!

This is about the time of day when the bats came out! they were cool to watch fly around the river bank!

lake LBJ trip-Day 3

We didn't do too much today (which was awesome). We headed over to the big city of Llano to check things out. The kiddos loved the big red caboose.

We stopped at the cool bridge and waterfall for some pictures. Ethan saw a big gray crane and started shouting "LOOK Mommy--an Ostrich an Ostrich".

After that we just headed home and did some floatin' and swimmin' in the river. It was nice after being out in the hot sun all day.

Ethan in front of the waterfall

The "ostrich" Ethan was so excited about ;)

Tim and the kiddos by the waterfall

Ethan driving the caboose

They are so sweet!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lake LBJ Trip-Day 2

We headed down to the lake (or river, whatever) today for a swim. After growing up going to Toledo bend, it's a fantastic change to be able to see your feet when you get into the water. It's borderline too warm of water, but awesome! Down from our house it's shallow enough to wade over to the other side to the sand bar to play on the "beach". Didn't bring the camera out for a swim today, but got some great sunset photos.

The Great Ping Pong Match of '09

Beautiful Sunset Across the River

Some tired babies after a fun dayMe and my baby girl just a swingin'