Thursday, October 29, 2009

Austin Film Festival

Pics from our weekend in Austin. Tim and I had a great time at the Apollo 13 Screening. It was a great panel discussion after the movie. Ron Howard and Jim Lovell stole the show!

We got stopped on the way in and Michael Barnes from the Austin American Statesman took our picture, then noticed Tim's badge said NASA, then after a brief convo whipped out a tape recorder and started interviewing him! Here's a link to the blog post of the event and our photo. (Yep, TOM and Jamie Hinson had a great weekend)

We got to hang out with some good friends after the screening, and while we were grabbing a bite in the Stephen F walks Woody Harrelson. He was there to promote his new film "The Messenger". Here's a really bad picture--he's in the center in the background with the tan coat!Thanks to Kelly Williams for hooking us up with fantastic passes! I would love to go back every year. It was a blast!